Almax Chain GONE!

Been splitting my time between wfh and office, only to ride in today and find that my chain and lock have gone! I wrap it around a post where I park my bike, and can only assume that the council have cut or lifted it over the post.
I didn’t get any warning at all, and although I know you shouldn’t really leave chains on street, there isn’t anything advising not to either.

Will call the council to see if I can recover it, but unlikely…so that’s £160 burnt!

Was it a tall post? Maybe a hoodlem took it by lifting it over the top? They make good money used on ebay if he was able to angle grind the lock off.

It seems that may be the case! The council just advised that they would have warned me first but putting a sticker on it.
It is a very tall post, but if 2/3 people did it together and with something to stand on, it’s possible

Sounds like you should be on the lookout for an acrobatic troupe. Were there any circuses in town recently? :upside_down_face:

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They must have been desperate to take it!
I’m going to look and see if other chains have been removed and If so I’d suggest the council did indeed take it and didn’t warn me.
So they owe me a couple of hundred squids

Transit van. It’s amazing how easy it is to break into 1st floor properties too with this method.

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These Almax chains are a bit of a joke at times, a bit like the Simpsons (see what I did there). They’re not as secure as they’re hyped up to be. A 16 mm or 19 mm chain vs an angle grinder will not even come a close second and, as said, they fetch good money on fleabay and junktree.

Oh well! Replaced with a normal chain as can’t be having another stolen and the space is too far from my office to keep lugging back…