ALMAX are quick

I’ve bought myself a nice Almax Series IV chain with the Squire lock. It should slow people down a tad when they try to nick my bike.

Spoke with them yesterday and mention LB. Was given a very generous discount and chain arrived today. Had a nice long chat about different types of security that can be used on the bike, alarms, locks, chains etc… Well pleased with chain and also with the service.

Now my bike is safe and sound at home! Pity I cannot carry the chain to work, but it is a tad heavy for that!:smiley:

Did you buy it direct from Almax or from a dealer?

If one was to attempt to emulate your discount, where would one be thinking one should be in percentage terms?

Have a look at this:

If you are worried about your bike at work too… Invest in another Almax and leave it chained to something solid at work:)

Saves trying to carry it that way:)

i bought two immob IV chains from Almax, one 2m and one 1.5m, they gave me a massive discount on the second chain ontop of the LB discount and a kriega tailpack at cost

i use both chains to secure the bike at home and i take only the 1.5m chain and squire lock with me to work in the tailpack, works well

highly recommend them, they give you lots of advice on the phone as well

Almax rock :cool:

Paper Scissors;)

Should have paid around £180 delivered, paid £165. Really generous discount. I’m thinking of perhaps getting a 1.5 series 3 later on for parking up at work if the off street parking does not work out.

The chain is cracking good value and my wife was “WOW!” Worth the money.

Surely Almax always beats rock, paper and scissors?

Seriously though, the chains and the company are great. Not just that, Squire are brilliant too. I’ve got a Squire stronhold on each of my Almax series III and IV and I emailed Almax because the locks are starting to show spots of rust. Almax forwarded the email on to Squire and asked for their opinions. Within a couple of hours I’d had a phonecall from Tony at Squire saying that they shouldn’t be rusting at all after a year and that they’d send me a pair of new ones out and refund the cost of postage for sending the rusting ones back.

It’s rare that you get customer service even close to that level these days.