Ally Pally

So who is going this year? This is going to be my first ever Motorbike show! Not even passed DAS yet, but will probably buy a lid and a jacket.

I want to go but it depends on what my kids have planned.

I’ll be working there :slight_smile: definitely a good place to buy stuff, not sure how many full manufacturers are going to be there, but think you will have fun :slight_smile:

YOure not wearing that swimsuit again I hope.:slight_smile:

Missed the excel one so I will try to get to this, aint been since I was a wee nipper!

I thought everyone was there except Suzuki.

Who do you work for mate?

Elad is a promo Babe ;):smiley:

Yeap, I will strut my stuff on the stage with the other girls… :w00t:

Naah just help out on a T-shirt stall…

Will probably have a gander:cool:

Yep it’s a defo, I’m going!

I’ll be going! How does it compare to the ExCeL show? Is it as big?

Hi, have been to excel a few times, but havent been to Ally Pally in ages, how does it compare.
Suzuki werent at Excel, which was a shame, but all the usual suspects were there and it was great to swing the leg over several bikes…

Is not as big as Excel obviously but much more fun with a great atmosphere - i’m going to drool over Elad in his brolly dolly kit :stuck_out_tongue: with Killer#1 & Daytona J hopefully… Q

Why is it much more fun? Less commercial?

Very pleased to see a bike show back at Ally Pally. Not wishing to be negative buthaven’t noticed too many manufacturers on the exhibitors list. Come on, show us all your bikes!

Aye - I’ll be wandering along for a butchers - Mrs. Stevie Ramone might come along too :smiley:

I’m definitely going! :smiley:

So is this a big secret or does someone want to tell me when it is?!? :Whistling:

i agree it would be useful for those of us not in the know