Ally Pally bike show today Saturday 22nd September 2018


I just remembered that this is on.

Seem to remember that it’s more geared to classics and cruisers from somewhere, but I’m still going.


good shour martin, let us know what it’s like. Didn’t seem worth the cost of the ticket to me.


Did anyone go?


I only went because it the weather was not good enough to take my toy for a spin.
There weren’t a lot of stalls there, but I bought a few bits including a pair of jeans from They are jeans with a kevlar-type material woven into the fabric which give them very high friction proof qualities. Cost £120.


When you say woven into the fabric, do you mean there’s no lining?


There’s a mesh lining but unlike normal bike jeans they’re not denim jeans with separate Kevlar panels underneath. The anti abrasion protection is woven into the denim.

I bought a pair at the Stafford classic bike show in April as I wanted something I could ride to work in & wear whilst in the office - I find Kevlar lined jeans get too hot for that. They’re not as light as normal jeans, but I find I can wear them all day in comfort.

My commute is all within London though. I doubt the denim/kevlar mix is as tough as having kevlar panels, and i understand kevlar loses it’s abrasion resistance in UV light. So, not sure I’d use them for more spirited out of town use though.

Currently at the show. Took me about 30 mins to walk around, very little to see here. Only came as I got a free ticket, would be very disappointed if I’d spent money to get in.


Hmmm yeah sound like there’s little difference between them and say hood jeans. Whilst it was a separate lining, it covered your entire bum, leg, (until just below knee I think) unlike the panels of draggins.


They are fully lined, but they kevlar-type fabric is not separate from the denim. They are, therefore, lighter than the one that are a separate fabric inside the denim.