Allstars drifting - down the 'atch?

This groupon deal looks tempting…

Anyone tried this kinda fing? Worth a go d’ya reckon?

looks like a good deal to me might have some

read it again. its held ‘at brands hatch’ but its not driving on the brands hatch circuit… 5 laps of what? a course of cones in a carpark? il pas thanks

Erm yeah, you’re right. Just had a look at the vid on their website. Feckin Brands Hatch carpark. Sorry everyone, waste of time :blush:

Not all they’re cracked up to be…

I did a “Lamborghini Experience” and it was 5 laps around a track. It was peeing it down with rain…but even still, I didnt get over 85mph. Not out of choice though…after changing up the instructor tells you to stay in 4th gear!! A bit dull to be honest.

I have found a track day that I’m going to treat myself to later this year…its a full day and you get to drive any 6 of the following:

Ariel Atom
Palmer Jaguar JP-LM
Landrover Defender
Caterham 7 Superlight
Caterham Pursuit
Formula Jaguar
Sodi GT5 Karts

On the downside…its about £1000…but for a one-off treat…gotta be done!

Did drifting in the silverstone car park was a great day, but 5 laps isn’t worth the paper it’s written on…

Wow - what a hoot that’s gonna be. I’m dead happy for you but a grand is way way beyond what I could stump up for a day out :blink: