Im new here, be Gentle

Welcome and if you want Gentle, try Ginger

Ha Ha i will keep that in mind then

welcome to LB loopy lou, what ya ridin???

and id stay away from ginger…

This is so sad but i passed by bike test years ago but have no bike im usually out riding on the back of someone else’s

Other half has the Triumph675 Daytona … Love it !

For gods sake dont tell andrew, be all over you like the letch he is.

A letch in leathers… mmmm now theres a thought !

no, he likes men but i didnt tell ya that

Welcome LoopyLoo.

Enjoy the Madhouse !

andrew isnt gay is he?!

Yeah cant you tell??? just look at him and the bike he rides

i really cant tell no, i like his bike! are u winding me up?

Ok Ok who’s gonna show me who this ‘andrew’ fella is, id tell ya if he was gay

hi ya and welcome to LB…

poke poke

with our newbie stick…

we have a newbie meeting tomorrow night at the ace… comeon up if you can…



i thought you had a partner fazer??? tut tut tut!

Barro takes Loopy by the scruff…

plants a big wet smacker on the forehead and says …

“Welcome to LB”

then walks off to but a cold one !!


welcome loopyloo to LB hope to meet u soon

Welcome to LB!

Oh yes indeed Andrew is gay! PMSL

Thanks for mking me feel welcome in here Oh well another day stuck at work while the suns Shining Lmao