allbikeengineering rear shock service

Anyone used them to service a rear shock? or is there any local places to service the shock:)

HM Racing, but they are crazy expensive now :Whistling:

I can help you with delivery and collection to FTR , will be sending mine probably next month, but do yours quicker if needed …

was looking at FTR when you in there area mate?

Call me on Monday, will probably go end of the week.

Let me know how you get on with them, as I was thinking of getting my front and rear shock rebuilt and set up.

I’m interested in this too, I’m sure I read of someone on here having their rear shock rebuild at ABE.

FTR has a very good rep and its not far from my mums, but I’d prefer somewhere nearer.

Cant see any recent posts of ABE on other forums, but there are older posts where people have had the entire shock rebuild inc them milling a new damper rod for around £150ish.

ok so a quick Google of.there name and found a few people had issues with forks and problems having issues sorted.
i did have work done to a beringer disk there and was happy but not sure now. think i’ll give them a call and see what there prices are compared to FTR