All Year Biker?

Has anyone used

I was thinking of getting this done as my bike is stored outside and used all year round. It’s new to me so could do with some protection fairly soon as it’s been so bloody wet.

There doesn’t seem to be a London franchise so was wondering if anyone arranged a group session on the forum?

Get a couple cans of ACF50 and do it yourself… Its just something you spray on after washing all the muck off.
The link above is just a random link. Don’t know if its the cheapest so have a look around.

Just let the f**ker rot. Has far more kudos… :smiley:

I understood the theory behind having it done professionally was that it was supposed to be a very thin layer applied? Hence ‘atomising’ the stuff and getting it in all the nooks and crannies?

i was hoping to put SERIOUS mileage onto it. :smooooth:

What Dan said - if you do a forum search for ACF50 you’ll get loads of tips. I give the bike a good wash, wrap newspaper/carrier bags around the wheels so the tyres and brakes don’t get covered and spray it on. I find it better to spray onto a cloth & wipe over most areas - it only needs a thin coat.

If I was going to spend £60 getting it done by someone else, I’d get it done in autumn in time for the grit/salt of winter.

Just beware that you’ll be riding with a smokescreen for the first couple of miles after applying it :smiley:

ACF 50 for the win.

I ride all year - I dare you to find a spec of rust on m’bike!


For you 1000 miles is SERIOUS mileage…

@theprawn - Getting someone else to apply ACF50 is like going to a car wash. You know you can do a good job like they do but you can’t be assed because its a lot easier to watch someone else do it.

@Bang2Rights - Whats the prize :stuck_out_tongue:

sod it, i’ll just buy a can then. can someone poor come and clean my bike for me? i’ll give you £10? :wink:

I ride all year - mine’s got loads of rust and I’m proud of it :wink:

yes but you also have a fireblade in the garage for sunny days!

Yup…good innit ? :stuck_out_tongue:

So far I’ve found EBay to sell at the lowest overall cost ACF 50 and although it costs more, the larger bottle you hand spray on cheaper than the cans for cc.

For me it is ACF 50 on bare metal, exhaust pipes, engine, because even if painted it can ooze between the threads to prevent corrosion in say header bolts, and rear suspension. Wheels, well I might spray bare alloy wheels, butif the wheels are painted then I find waxing like I do the tank and fairing just as good, but a quick spray on say those tank edges where rain water drips and causes rust eventually isn’t a bad idea.

Find the rust, well that will be the places you can’t see,for instance it might be some metal under the battery case or behind the fusebox or under the yokes. I hated the fact that my VFR800 didn’t have a oil drain screw so you were meant to remove the leg to drain out old fork oil. My godwhat a time waster not having a drain screw says I. Until that is, I found the ring of rust under the yoke edges on the stanchions.

Profession vs DIY?

No comment really, except if it wasn’t for reading a ‘how to’ written by a professional I wouldn’t have known about ACF 50 in the first place. I just can’t get the foam wash to foam very well out of a foam gun regardless of all the tips and tricks I’ve read :confused: So my point here would be, a DIYer might buy a 150 quid home use pressure washer and not get the results a professional who has a 350 quids set of equipment does?

I dont think there is a single bike forum out there where 90% of the members dont rave about ACF50, i’d go with that :smiley:

i guess the question is now, is it worth getting a pro job done with ACF50 first and then topping up for the rest of the year or just doing a DIY job

Put it on yourself. Warn the can up first in hot water or a radiator, this will get the ACF50 to mist nicely when you squirt it. If you get it on your brake discs, get it off with brake cleaner otherwise you aint stoppin.

As above warm can,i do it in a bowl of hot water,you’ll find it much easier to apply.

And cover up/remove anything you don’t want to get it on (brakes/tyres etc.) if you’re spraying

It’s difficult to shift once applied (which is part of its appeal).

Yeah, and I bet you don’t look half as stupid as I do riding down the road with an umbrella!

Not the bike… NOT THE BIKE!!