ALL YEAR BIKER ACF50 Treatment in central London

Update November 12th

So my boss had his bike treated by Jon in Guildford yesterday andwas extremely happy with the quality of the work. Unfortunately he forgot totake ‘before’ pictures, but he says the bike looked better than when he bought it (privately) about 3 months ago. He was also impressed by the attention todetail. He will definitely re-use Jon again next year. Have tried to ‘copy’ in and then upload a couple of pics to illustrate, but all attempts end in failure :angry:

We have 2 takers for December 9th, but can’t confirm it, til wehave 4. Don’t wantto mess Jon about, so if you want to get treated in central(ish) London - letme know asap, so Jon can set up the relevant weblink for payment.

Thanks guys!

Okay - so rather more of a challenge than I had first envisioned, but we now have a location and some dates: :D:w00t:

Place: The Rose Pub, 1 Harwood Terrace, Fulham, SW6 2AF - Pub website

Dates: Sunday December 9th

Saturday December 15th

Sunday December 16th

Cost: £59.75

Unfortunately these were the earliest dates I could get. Partly because the pub is near Chelsea football ground, so match days are not possible and as you would imagine this is Jon’s busiest time of year. However, if you really want to get the treatment done before then, we have two options:

Go to the AYB website then go to the booking section and you can see where else he is going to be over the coming weeks eg. Guildford and Woburn

Alternatively he could come to The Rose on almost any Wednesday in Novemeber for those that don’t work the usual 9-5 Monday to Friday. If he can get at least three on a Weds, he will come.

So, if you are keen to book into one of the available dates, then on a first come first serve basis, please state your first and second preferences eg. 9th pm and 15th am.

Once the slots for at least 2 dates are full I will let Jon know and he will set up an ‘event’ on the website, so that you can go in and pay your deposit to secure your spot.

Any questions? Am going to an election event tonight, so probably no responses til tomorrow!

December too late? :crying:

In case anyone is thinking of going on a Wednesday, Chelsea also have home matches on:

7th November
28th November
5th December
19th December

when was fulham central london?? :stuck_out_tongue:

well done Ally for taking time out and sorting this

double post sorry

Had thought about that, but they are all in the evening - he’ll need to be finished by the time it gets dark!

Zone 2 mate - everywhere else that it gets done at is outside of the M25. If you want to recommend somewhere else that is biker friendly, has parking, access to water and electricicity, is open Saturday and Sunday and is more central please let me know asap and I’ll make contact with them today. :slight_smile:

9th is Ace toy run day. The run normally visits Chelsea as the second stop.

Have booked for The Malta Harpenden - 18/11/2012 day earliest time slot available.

Appreciate that those who showed an initial interest have either already treated their bikes and/or don’t want to wait til December - fair enough, my bad for not getting it nailed down quickly enough. Will be all sorted for next year though! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up Rusty, glad you arranged something fairly close to where you live. Once my boss has had his bike done on Sunday, I will post about what he thinks of it, but if there is little interest by Monday I will cancel the dates and just make my own arrangements to go to one of his events around the M25.

Sorry again that we weren’t able to get this sorted earlier, hadn’t appreciated the ‘challenges’ it would represent! A good learning experience.

hi i am jon from allyearbiker for those of you that want to get treated in november i have 2 spaces left at the malta harpenden and if theres a nuff i can do a sunday 25 nov the ship guildford as its getting late in to year i get booked solid i am looking at a pub in heathrow to start events but wont be starting these till new year if you go to my base and event places are up there

the ace cafe would be great but they want to big a slice of a small cake so am looking for a reguler biker frendly pub/cafe with water/elec in north london area 4 bikes a event max

I don’t understand… A can of ACF50 costs £15. Why do you want to pay £60?

Hi again Jon.
I think I should clarify on the forum here. It’s great that you have offered to do my bike again as I said I wasn’t happy, but as I said, that wouldn’t be fair as I didn’t think it was a waste of money, just that the standard was maybe different to what I was expecting from Roy. Again, I said it could have been an off-day.
I think it’s great people want to put things right, and for that I’ll give you another change, and pay for it!

As I just had a back operation and won’t be able to ride for a little while, I probably won’t make any of the dates Ally arranged, but if not, I’ll get in touch in the new year when I’m back on my feet.

Cos I’m f*ing lazy :smiley:

See you at the Malta, hoping to get an early slot as I am a busy man :wink:

You’re welcome Ally, thanks for your efforts though.

On an unrelated note, does anyone know if it’s possible to buy ACF50 in something like a 5litre tub? Or anything other than an aerosol can really…

Just thought it could be applied really nicely and effectively with one of those compressed air ‘paraffin’ guns…

Up to 4L available here :

Don’t buy too much as I believe that it has a shelf life

I buy the quarts and use my compressor paint gun !

I buy it by the can and use it with a brush and a rag :smiley: and a straw to get inbetween the downpipes and hard to reach areas :smiley: works a treat even though i spend at least 2 hours on each bike :w00t: