All weather rider!!

Hi All,

Quick introduction to all you site vet’s… am a seasoned rider, currently on a gixxer 600 k3.

You might see me flying down the m11 at about 7:30 in the morning, god my lips are numb i must sort out my anti fog visor :w00t:

Hi there and wlcome !!! :D:D

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

welcome to lb good choice of bike a gixxer:D

Why thankyou :smiley: i must admit i am very pleased with the bike and i haven’t even rode it in the summer as yet!

welcome fellow gsxr rider:)

Hi and welcome aboard.

suzuki’s in general are a good choice :smiley: welcome fella

it’s either a work in progress or steered and powered by ESP


Welcome. We’ve probably met already…on the M11 commute run :wink:

hello and welcome


welcome to another all weather rider!