All Weather Boots Recommendation

Hi All

After a new pair of motorbike boots must tick the following


  • strong enough for a track day

  • everyday wear for commuting, sun or rain

  • durability

most important around £200 or lower.

Currently using Aldi crane boots, for the money and the amount of mileage I have  done with them I can’t fault them apart from slight lack of protection. Water tight as rubber gloves :), my calf are pretty small so makes it harder to choose.

Any recommendation guys and girls please.

Me too.

My old Sidi boots are telling me their day is over. If they still made the same model I would just order another pair. Your list is exactly what I’m looking for too; with the added proviso that I don’t want them to look like Star Wars Stormtroopers, I need to be able to wear them to meetings occasionally.

TCX Goretex boots.  Usually at a decent price from Helmet City branches.  Used mine for 4 years straight and wore them out.  Now on Daytona’s which I got 2nd hand off Ebay but barely used and they are very nice.  Hard to find size 49 (UK 14).

Have look at Hein Gericke Outlet website:

I’d go for a second hand pair of Daytonas, I’ve worn mine (from new) every day pretty much, most days 10 hours plus and they’ve lasted 2 years so far and will just need resoling soon.

I have TCX Gortex boots mine are now three years old & perfectly fine

im thinking of getting the Touring Adventure boots next

I’ve got a pair of Sidi B2 Gore-Tex boots, which are a bit over £200 depending on where you buy them, but I used them solidly for 5 years from 2008 as my only boot for commuting as a tech support monkey going between multiple sites per day, so wearing them in a office all day and have done a trackday in them, plus multiple European tours. They started to leak in heavy rain last year, otherwise I still use them on dry days.

These lasted me pretty well, about 3 years, 30k miles commuting all year round before the soles got a bit worn, never leaked. Currently on the Heine Gericke equivalent which I don’t think they sell any more.

One more for tcx. Don’t have the gtx but have had two pairs of their waterproof sort of sports bike looking boots (don’t remember name). First lasted 3 or so years of daily commute, a few offs on and off road…

Second pair I’ve had for more than that years but not done too many miles in them. They are still perfectly fine, nearly new.

For me it was more the fit that sold them to me… They are comfier than any other brand for my foot. Decent protection and looks my offering

Current pair are over 2 years old and still strong .

Dry feet 

Around £160 mark i think

Another shout for TCX, not sure what model my boots are but had them for 5 years and they are watertight, protective and comfortable to wear.

Love the silk undies that came up as an advert on that link :slight_smile:

All i get is talk talk ad … it may be linked to your google searches …

I have these bloody awesome boots.

Picked them up from the Bike Shed for £130

Well someone was looking at them! Sadly my days of impressing the ladies with sexy undies is long gone. They were bright blue though so would have fitted the bill in days past :slight_smile:

After 10 years my Oxtar Infinity boots have just given up the ghost.  Never heard of Oxtar?  Well they got sued by Alpinestars for having a name to similar to their own and where therefore trading off their reputation.  They changed their name from Oxtar to TCX.

TCX make great boots.  Actually now on my first pair of Sidi boots.

Daytonas, anything else is just less…

…much less

more reliably-waterproof than boots and they dry quicker (and it’s easier to have two pairs in case that’s not quick enough).

Here is a new review…

I’ve been using the Alpinestars Waterproof SMX’s Had 4, 5 and 6’s. All been great, 100% waterproof and saved my ankle in a few offs. Generally pick 'um up second hand for about £50-60 and get a year or two out of them before the soles wear flat or right through. Only time I’ve had one leak was when I wore a hole through the sole. The key thing is to got for the WP Waterproof version which is a spot more than the normal version.