All this budget stuff

Can someone remind what Income tax is again :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s what you pay to corrupt government officials to get them to do their job.

Well at least where you are. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s what we pay to put a roof over chav’s heads and food on their table.

Oh…and provide free medical care to foreigners who’ve never contributed a penny to the NHS…

And I don’t begrudge a single penny of it that I pay.

Nor me…

Taxation should in a democracy be the means to gain monies to maintain the infrastructure of the nation for everyone. But what it becomes in general is a means to gain popularity.

In this case I believe the reduction of the 50p rate was to placate a growing band of influential 100k plus earner moving on from mild protesting into orchestrating a full on anti Tory campaign. A bribe which is a gamble that someone in the sub 100k bracket doesn’t start a powerful and funded anti 45p campaign.

hahahahahahhahaha funniest thing today

Cant wait for my fuckin great big dividend too :stuck_out_tongue: