All them O2 sim cards!!

All them O2 sim cards!!
Up to 50 squids free with this one…
Step 1

Get new sim card

Step 2

Send a text from your existing handset with existing sim card to 865555 with the new mobile fone number that came with your new sim card(eg 0772 868232) as the message

Step 3

O2 will text you back withconfirming your upgrade and your free call time credit amount

Step 4

Call time credit will be applied within 14 days. The new SIM card and new number will be disconnected

Step 5

You can now use your new handset whilst retaining your existin number, call time balance, Bolt ons, and any numbers stored on your sim card. BIN the new sim when you recieve your credit.

I just got told I would be gettin £15