All That Glitters Is Not Always A Gifthorse...

I just found a dealer offering Free Training & Test (CBT, DAS, the whole shebang) when you buy a bike from them.

I gave them a call - friendly chap - we had a chat - said one of their guys on site is qualified to do the training…

However, I compared the prices of 3 of their bikes with Parkers’ Independent Dealer Price and guess what?

They work out on average £649.33p more expensive per bike than Parkers reckon they should be - suspiciously close to the cost of DAS :w00t:

They’ve put me off buying from them at all now - even if their bikes were a decent price.

Am I right to think that or might I have missed something???

post up a couple of examples of what bikes they are offering (mileage year model, etc) and the prices, and we can have a gander at them for you…

They didn’t have loads of details online, but these were the three I looked at:

2003 ‘53’ CBR600F £3,995

2006 Hornet £3,999

2006 VTX1800 £7,999

I’d love to see someone do their DAS on a VTX1800:D:D:D

The dude was trying to talk me into a CBR1000 :smiley:

As I’ve said elsewhere on here, I’m only just coming to terms with maybe not staying on a 125 for 2 years after my test, so I might consider a 250 or a 400, but a 1000? Uh-uh!

I would be VERY wary buying from someone selling to people without a licence. Easy pickings to sell a lemon.

No such thing as a free lunch

If something’s too good to be true it normally is

and a load of other cliches

If an expert who knows about bikes goes along and looks at the one you’re interested in, and it’s a good bike at a fair price, then your training will truly be free… but ask yourself whether, in 2009, the year of the credit crunch, when bikes have been sold with seriously small margins for dealers for a few years, a dealer can afford to employ someone to train you, and keep an instructors bike and a couple of trainees bikes on the road and not charge you for the privilege.

^^^ Absolutely agree BUT

IF you do not have a large sum of money to do your test and buy your bike in one go, I would say it could be a good deal IF you are paying it monthly and either 0% or a very low % interest rate, AND you can comfortabley afford the monthly payments :cool:

Good point, well presented. Although I’d be very wary that they weren’t selling some old dog to a newbie…

You’ll need free insurance too, if you are a new rider on a CBR1000!

Health insurance might also be a negotiable benefit for the post accident treatment!

Sounds like Motoden to me!! :smiley:

lol, you know that’s what I was going to do, book the DAS then pass the CBT and get a 125 bike and have it for a while before doing my full bike license. The bloke I went to look for the 125 told me not to bother, he said just pass yoru DAS then come back and buy a 600cc. He told me if I was to get a 125 I woulld fell like a right ass getting passed by everything on the road and having a full license.