praise the guys at FWR tyres in kennington rode down from sunny essex to get a new rear excellent customer service id recomend to all thanks guys (stickers look pretty cool on my bike two…)

Ah, I was expecting a post singing the praises of Chunky when I saw the title… :stuck_out_tongue:


so here’s the deal.

I need a new rear for my ZX10R. So off i go to my mate at universal tyres nr Borough for my usual good deal.

It’s the first time i’m taking the 10 though and there’s a mix up because i want Road Pilots and not the Battlax i have been running.

WELL long story short, they couldn’t help so he echoes the sentiments on this forum and says give the guys at FWR a call they are sound as…well i reckon thats what i’ll do so i give them a call saying that i now want to keep my Battlax but because they are 55’s and some ‘special’ BT015’'s :ermm: they dont stock them but will have them in for me in the morning.

I say GREAT how much are they.

Well the ‘cheapest in London’ weren’t actually that anymore but again thats cool cos for the sake of a tenner i’m not bothered.

The guy on the phone then asks for a deposit because the tyres only fit ZX10R’s i say that’s fine because they are a business and thats no surprise to me but THEN the guy on the phone says and i quote ‘you could end up up sliding under a bus and there’s no way we want to be lumbered with unpaid for Battlax’s’

Am i just being overly sensitive to think that was a ***ked up thing to say.

Well not that they’ll miss my business but this is one rider not impressed with their fabled customer service and one rider taking his business elsewhere.

Did i say long story short…


two words mate…Essential Rubber…:wink:

Think you spoke to Bob…It’s his cynical sense of humour (which I find quite funny).

He once rang me up and said there was an R6 just like mine on ebay, after I hadn’t collected my bike from FWR for a few days after it had been serviced.

I reckon you should go in there and meet the guys…Bob and Chris are cool dudes :cool: :smiley:

not brave enough to go to Hackney anymore heheh


must admit didn’t find it funny and don’t really remember the slightest tone of humour in his voice BUT it could easily just have been my own lack of humour after a crap day at work, sister in labour etc etc etc…


They did a good job for me again this week, dropped the Banana off on my way in and picked it up after work - new chain, sprockets and 3 pairs of brake pads all fitted for £212. Thanks again, guys.