or if you’re a modern spod and have one of them iPhone thingies… “Fill That Hole” App

You stand at your pothole of choice, you take a picture. Fill in details and submit. It goes stright to the relevant council and once informed they have to do somethin about it…


If I wanted to live in the third world, I wouldn’t pay first world prices would I?

Some of us rather enjoy the impromptu wheelie ramps that scatter the city.

I’m a big fan of I’ve had good responses to a load of the issues that I reported through them, and they also have a phone app :slight_smile:

my hole of choice is not exactly a hole, but more the boundary demise when a bridge starts, and its on the m4 slip way for m25 so i cant take a picture!

it is one nasty nasty bump though

to be honest, I’m actually thinking of starting the alternative…

“Holy [email protected], Check out this piece of undamaged

If anyone finds a stretch of London road that doesn’t look like the set of some Steven Spielberg post tank battle war epic, they post it up and we can all go stare at it and marvel about what the future might hold…

Smooth roads, pothole free driving, riding with the suspension shunting up through my shoulders every 50 feet… ahhh bliss!

If only…

I dont think my phone has enough memory to hold all the pictures I would need to take on the way up to Muswell hill. Barnet and Haringey are a disgrace.

did anyone see the southbound bus lane on Putney Bridge a few weeks ago? Two holes looked so bad that I swore I saw the river underneath.

To be fair, the council fixed them in less than a week, although it’s a shite job. More 3rd world roads.

yep theres nice ones outside HMV in charlton :smiley:

In the meantime in Lambeth and Southwark another department is busy installing new speed humps (Leigham Court Road) and speed tables (Bermondsey) whilst we could disappear down some of the potholes in these boroughs.

You couldn’t make it up :slight_smile: