all cagers should read this.. Why-commuting-by-motorcycle-is-good-for-everyone

interesting article.

Excellent article.

I have been saying for sometime now that I should
have the following on the back of my jacket while commuting…


I wonder what effect reducing the number of empty buses and minicabs trawling around central London would have on emissions and congestion? It’s time the overground public transport in this city was entirely replaced by a cheap on-demand motorcycle and minivan taxi system backed up by a few of those narrow golf-cart train things they use at the seaside to ferry the tourists around.

The only thing I disagree a bit with is that you will arrive less stressed, but this applies not everywhere, mainly to central London commuting.

Good article indeed though, doubt it however that many car drivers will get it…

Yeah. This was published elsewhere earlier this year, but it’s good to see the main press picking up on it.

I do get fed up with cyclists targeting any article that doesn’t include them with ‘cycling would solve all this congestion’ crap though.

Leuven is one of the biggest cycling cities I have ever seen. They have separated cycle paths along both sides of the main routes, with priority at traffic lights so they just go through and cars are expected to give way. Most of the city is pedestrianised too, with cycles flying about.

Yet it is still congested. They just don’t get it do they?

the reply to your comment there is correct too though, there’s no such thing as road tax, even though it still gets called by that name, which is wrong, it’s a vehicle excise duty, and since bicycles aren’t powered by engines, they don’t pay it. roads etc. are funded through regular taxes.

do agree though about it not being the magical answer.