All 400+ shots from the Charity Shoot!

That’s right all 460 something shots! Feast your eyes on some really bad shots of me and a naff Africa Twin or something… :slight_smile:

But seriously folks - in our Christmasn Charity Drive… if you want a print of any of the shots drop us a line at [email protected] with the number of the shot you want, and we’ll let you know all the print options, framing options and prices. You’ll also get a high quality digital download of the shot to use as your desktop, or have more prints done… it’s up to you :slight_smile:

All money raised from the printing will go to the LAA.

A few are going on my garage wall

Some good shots there… SW, yep you’re right what you told me last week

some really good pics of every 1 well done 2 u all. shame topgooner didnt smile in most of them but i guess thats the way he is. but he’s still a sexy beast 2 me

that better?

would love 2 c it in person1 day

Whats Hot !!



Straight face2.jpg


and Not !!

Lucky you wear over sized gloves Chazter !!


not nutz.jpg

Jokes aside…

thats quality…lovely people…lovely pictures…well done …

that better!!



Looking right up ya left Nostril…

I can see ya braincell from here !!

You found it!!!

very nice but still not the real thing i want 2 c it in real life

Some great shots there will be putting my order in

hey matt how about next time doing a calendar with just the bikers kids that would b sssoooo sweet and u might sell more. wot dose any 1 else think?

cool idea!

Barro… gobsmaked… thank you

Hot … !!!

and i love the idea of kids and bikes for next year…my two will be near enough having their own bikes by then