ali's ride out Q??

was there any pictures from this posted/gallery’s? seen terry’s avater from the ride!!

ive been looking but cant seem to find any?

I think Keti posted a few up under mattcbf600`s posting in pics and videos.

I have given the ones I have to Jay and Weaver has some too as far as I know they will be in the gallery soon guys.

The article and gallery are live now!

Just saw these as well…

well done to the guys who took the photos…

and weaver - nice article.



Great article looks smashing!

Yes they have come out well, I am trying my best to learn how to take nice photographs. Yours are very good too. Doesnt Karen look cute

Brilliant day it was as well!

Thanks for posting them.

Er scared which one is that?

No that kind of game isnt allowed! Tell me!

Yes I am sat here scanning every pic to see what I have done wrong

Right I have decided I dislike weaver.

You talking about the one with me and my digi?

He now knows which one(s)…

Brilliant write up and pictures too. Thanks Weaver, Steve and whoever else who contributed to the article and pictures. Its a good reminder of how well the day went. Cheers all.