Alfa 147 Twin Spark 1.6ltr 2002

Gumtree ref 1121663205, will slash the price to an LB’er.

Grab an economical bargain, 31+ per gal on our local trundles, must do more on the motorways. CD, AC, Elect windows, Alloys, Sports Seats. Spare + tools, handbooks. Absolutely cavernous boot, swallows our bicycles with removing the wheels! 110k miles. Quite a few very minor scuffs, one in pic not so minor so average condition. I believe MOT’d till Sept, will dig it out and confirm. Plenty more photo’s if required, it’s got to go. £550ono Please call and have a look.

always fancied one of these back in there day, but got a 156. good luck with the sale.

What would you let this go for?


Sounds good, there’s no PM on here now?

I’m on 07762223538