Alex @ almax

After having a series 3 for afew weeks I wasn’t going to feel safe using my old chain so I gave alex a call and ordered a series 4 1.5 metre chain with the squire quick change lock which can change the barrel of the lock with the 3 different keys supplied so if you loose the green key you move on to the yellow then red.

This upgrade is an extra £30 but free to us lb members so I went for that. Afew days passed and no joy so I rang up and like we all do he forgot to process my order and got it sent out on the Friday now with free carriage.

All in all a lovely transaction from an honest seller with an amazing
Product. When I’ve got enough money I’ll be buying the 2 metre chain aswell.

I got the two meter one (as a free upgrade as they didn’t have a 1.5mtr one) and my bike had been nicked the day before so they took pity on me…

I have also got one of those xena disc lock alarms and feel pretty safe leaving my bike with the almax and that… they are so sturdy and the way the padlock becomes part of the chain meaning you cant just wack it off is a v good design

so shiver, bit more info wanted,

1, does the 1.5 give enough length to wrap it around a post or another tyre/bike

2, do they still come with kreiga carry bag (wishful thinking)

3, what was the price?

4, gimme the number, as even though the bike is alarmed, and some might say, who’d nick my bike, I dont trust any scrot up london lol

I DO like the look of the Almax, but that there monster ain’t gonna go through the 'ole in my ground anchor!

I went for the 2.5m as wrapping it around a lampost (as opposed to smaller street sign) is the only way I’d secure mine. A 2m would have been sufficient but cant always park up right next to the post, so you may as well have the additional length IF you’re not planning to carry it around. TBH the 2m one will still be bloody heavy and awkward to transport…!

your not going to be carrying a 2 metre almax around on your bike, its very hard to even lift off the floor and I have massive guns :stuck_out_tongue:

2metre is enough to get round the back wheel and to any post as long as you can park perfectly straight to it, 1.5mt wouldn’t do it

Well I have the same Almax chain, can’t +1 as thankfully no-ones yet tried to take it on after 3 years. Perhaps that, in itself, is a +1…