Aldis Turn

Its Aldis turn to do some deals

Has anyone ever had any of the Aldi bike gear that can recommend the waterproofs?

Bump, happening this weekend

I got their compression underwear a few years back, probably about 4 or 5 years ago now. It’s on its last legs so to speak so having saw the deal for their new stuff just bought the same again. I’d say quality is much better and for £20 top and bottoms work out a real bargain. Quality seems much better than last time so if I gate another 4 or 5 years il be a happy chap.


Bought a pair of the kevlar trousers. They are a decent enough fit and have pockets for hip armour too. So if/when summer comes they will get an outing!

I bought the kevlar jeans. They come with knee armour, and pocket for hip armour.

I’ve just tried to attach a few pictures of these, but the the puter says “Sorry you have already exceeded your available space or this upload would cause you to exceed your available space.” How can I place the pictures here for you guys to see?