Albert Embankment/Lambeth road roundabout

Why is there always gravel spilled down this road and round the roundabout?

I have noticed it a few times this last few weeks, even a cyclist who was cutting through the red light nearly fell off due to it…

If you mean the bit as you approach the roundabout from the South I think it’s overspill from the aggregate used on the traffic island- someone really should do something about that.:slight_smile:

Reading the Evening Standard it’s likely to be all gone by the end of the G20 summit…:Whistling:

I have been commuting from Westminster Bridge to the A3 at Roehampton for many years, and I refer you to these two threads - for some reason the route I take is always being covered with builder’s rubble etc. No one has posted about it for a while, but anywhere a long the route is fair game.