Alaska Pictures and travelogue

Hey,I rode down to Spain and it was awesome ,a speedfest all the way,

but I have to do that trip ,pour yourself a beer pull up a chair and spend a little time looking at that amazing journey.

just gotta explain to my better half that she has to let me go do it.

WOW, That was a hell of a trip he did, some awsome scenery…i would’nt fancy riding on some of them gravel roads, very tricky.

Oh, man! That’s a dream trip! Makes me start to dream again! I want one of those

Mmmmmmmmmm…Bike2travel mate ,just let me know when

Awesome pictures!

I’m serious Rottie! I do fancy an exotic trip before die, lol ! I quite mad enough to plan it for 2007 ! Perhaps we could put together a bunch of other poor souls and think about that ?

Wow, I’m completely gobsmacked, what a great experience! I’m surprised he did it alone, that takes considerable confidence, but it must be quite rewarding! I can’t wait for the first LB events.

I’m serious too! BUt planning for 2007 is not mad at all for me I don’t want to wait that long! I was more thinking about spring 2006

We will talk more about that sooner than you think! Let me do some research!

Dogslow… Looks like you had the most amazing time and those roads looked awsome… I’m yet to do a trip abroad, can’t wait for the first trip to be organised…

Really enjoyable,making me want to up and go,very inspiring.
Well done that man.
Good luck on the research Cezar.I can smell an LB tour brewing,
count me in.

Yes, a trip like that is a most do but it will involve a huge amount of reserach and money to get there, plus the time off work … I will have a lok at it though… I will let you guys know