So I’ve heard the discussion for and against having an alarm. I know they probably won’t deter a thief but I often park outside my house and other houses for work. It would be helpful to know if a car has knocked it or someone has had a go at robbing it.

My bike is worth approx £1000 so I don’t want to get an expensive system, just a basic one that I can fit myself. Doesn’t have to be insurance certified or anything like that, just one that wails when the bike is tampered with!

If anyone knows of any such alarm then give me a shout!

Cheers :smiley:

Just get a tracker. (the real one)

Much better as no one bothers with an alarm noise. £300 fitted

£300 is too much dude! Maybe if I had a 5 grand shiny race rep but I can’t justify spending that much money on my current bike.

I’m after something that makes a noise as I’m usually within earshot

once that alarm goes off (provided that it’s motion sensitve) it’s less that 5 secs to a van. You have no chance of catching them. I can wheel my bike all over the place without the alarm going off but when I had the tracker installed and pushed it when I was washing it, they called me straight away to activate it. They even called me to say that the tracker had lost power and was on back up when I changed my battery!! Much more effective IMHO

Yeah the trackers are great but I simply can’t afford one.

Thinking more along the lines of a £50 alarm that I can fit. If a car knocks it over I’ll hear about it when it happens. If it goes off maybe I can look out a window and see the reg number of the van it’s getting chucked in. If I park up outside a shop and some kids decide to get on it or some nobber tries to move it then I’ll hear about it.

Why not buy an alarmed disc lock?

cyclone alarm. Was 20 odd quid off ebay.

This may more the sort of thing you are looking for, I have an old one on my bike it seems sensitive enough although the only time it has gone off was when a fox ran over the bike…

Just what I’m looking for cheers mate

I’ve never used them myself - I have heard from a couple of people that they are ultra sensitive (i.e. a strong gust would set them off)

Can’t remember which one was referred to at the time but post once you’ve had a browse and I’m sure people will tell you which is the one to buy. :slight_smile:

I’m wanting an alarm with a panic button, so i can deter people form hanging about/sitting on my bike at school.
and since my bike is 22 years old, and cost me £650, i doubt a £300 tracker is worth it.
ive herd raves about the xena alarmed disk lock, but it doesn’t have the panic button that i want, anyone know of a disk lock with one?

just ordered this…

You can set the sensitivity. Boris I’ll let you know how I get on with it.

Serrisan I did do a search on here before but couldn’t find anything on cheap alarms, all the talk seems to be of meta and datatool alarms. Did look at alarmed disk locks but I already have a normal disk lock so couldn’t really justify buying another one.

Thanks everyone for the advice :slight_smile:


Ok now I’m confused… I thought you said that alarm disc locks were just what you’re looking for…? :blink: