Just like most of you here i would rly miss my bike if someone else finds it before i have “lost” it you see i em kind a worried about kleptomaniacs (ppl who find stuff before u loose them)

i have been contemplating on the alarm system i want to get… i em surrounded by people who keep chanting “DA-TA-TOOL!” however i em also registered in a US forum where people seem to be very happy with alarm called SCORPIO ( on top of that the stuf they offer on their alarm seems to be alien technology to us atm… and everything plus delivery will set me back £300… decent datatool would be £200-250

what is your view on the matter? is alarm system only to drop your insurance or does it serve its original purpose!? do you rely on your alarm to protect your bike to some degree?

also i been working on home-made GPS tracking i cant seem to find down to earth system so resolved to making my own one!

any views, advices and opinions will be appreciated!