Alarms, Locks and Stuff

Some will say that security declared is only when parked overnight but may insist on a disc lock or sth similar at any point (even filling up on petrol)

Non OEM bike alarms don’t have good reviews on here. There have been threads specifically about how to rip them out because they have screwed the electrics and drain the battery.

Definitely get a good cover. It’s not much hassle when you get used to it.

Mines got a lock and an alarm on it.

Thieves are mostly opportunists so if they can’t see the bike most won’t bother.

The cover also helps your bike rust less.

I have a couple of extra security features as well like disc locks, ground anchor and a nasty dog sleeping 10 feet away.

Guys…whats a Meta Def-Com-T like for an alarm?

Just as shit as all other bike alarms

Ripped my alarm off last year. There’s a thread about it. Once went off at 3am mid winter during a freeze. Wouldn’t respond to fob.