Alarms, alarms, alarms

So 2 years after my SV got nicked I’m finally back on the road. I’ve bought a Buell 1125R and I’m riding it to Russia on the 28th.

One thing I really need to sort out is an alarm. I’ve been reading all sorts of reviews and I’ve still no idea what the latest/greatest is. I delved into the wiring loom of the previous bike so I’m happy to fit it myself.

Budget is a bit of a constraint as I’ve just been bent over by the insurance company.

Any advice appreciated.

IMO a good lock will serve you much better than an alarm, unless you need it to reduce your insurance premium.


Are you sure you’ve made the right choice of bike to ride to Russia, I think it being stolen will be the least of your problems.

Good luck though, sounds like a great adventure.

It’s really for insurance purposes. The bike already has a pin code immobiliser and I’ve got a Kryptonite chain through the back wheel and a disc lock on the front.

As for the right bike for riding to Russia? Yeah I know it’s not exactly an obvious choice. But I’m taking my time and I wanted something a bit quirky and fun. The lowered footpegs I’ve ordered should make the ride position a bit more comfy too.

ok who’s gonna comment on the butter of the kryptonite chain?

No good? I’ve got this one:

Sorry to hear you got that chain. Get a decent one or two! - 16mm min, 19mm pref. Not fool proof as we’ve just seen, but at least discounts saws and bolt croppers.

Check the stats for your chain - “Kryptonite Fahgettaboutit chain?
Hand bolt cropped in 42 seconds.”

This is the chain I bought for my mountain bike after it was nicked last year (I managed to recover it myself but that’s another story…) It’s right on the limit of what’s comfortable to carry weight wise but I guess I can get away with a bit more on the motorbike.

The Almax chain does look pretty decent although I do wonder how many thieves wander around with 42" bolt croppers? I would have thought it would be a lot less hassle for them to carry a cordless angle grinder.

You sure the chain hasn’t changed since Almax’s video? Good luck trying to fit a 14mm chain in the jaws of the cropper.

The recent theft where they cut the Almax off proves that even bikes with Almax’s aren’t safe.

Back to answering the question about alarms…

Alarms are handy if you’re in ear-shot…and can often deter the chancer. It’s only a determined thief (usually with a van) that won’t care about the wailing siren…this is when you need your chain and anchor.

As far as which alarm to choose, all I would say is to steer clear of the Datatool System IV. I have one and it’s a pain in the @rse, especially when the battery gets low. The older System III is much easier to get on with, and easier to use.