Alarm or tracker (or both)???!!!!!

Hi there,What’s the general opinion of alarms and trackers?

Not on their own, obviously, but as an accompanyment?

Which is best? Can you get all-in-one devices?

Can anyone recommend best brands? What do people think?

Many thanks!

It all depends on your cash flow.

Just a gentle reminder that it’s not advisable to discuss your security arrangements on a public forum so it’s safer to keep your comments general:cool:

I use the riders of the Apocalypse, 4 pitbulls, 3 dobermans and a mother in law. The MIL is the one that wins every time.

Seriously, use everything you can.

Both…if you can afford it, and your bike is worth it - also remember that the only person who is going to respond to your alarm going off is you. No one else will bat an eye lid even if the alarm is going off on a bike being wheeled or carried into a van… so make sure you can hear the alarm in your house…

i agree thats why i fitted a pager to the garage alarm and the bike alarm i use lots of security a big f off chain and anchor, an alarm imobilizer, pager, datatag, a tracker, and the garage alarm and not forgeting the extreme violence if any bodys trys to rob it, the more you use the better

How about that?:w00t:

tracker works to a degree, anything else seems totally useless from what people have said on here…if they want your bike they are gonna have it…

Trackers can work. Alarms are only good for reducing insurance premiums IMO, although I’m not sure why. A big lock and chain (Almax) is the best way … and if you can, keep the bike away from prying eyes.

True, true…if they want it they will have it. The only way is to fit some explosives on the bike…once they take it out of range the “system” will go off…:w00t: Justice…:smiley:

Trackers are the only thing that make sense after you have the F.O chain and lock. (And something to lock the bike to.) You do also have to be able to afford the tracker and after fitting service charge.

As someone said, alarms only attract your attention, nobody else bats an eyelid and they seem to cause a whole load of other electrical problems once a year or so old.

Immobilisers? How many bikes are started up and driven off?

All this and the insurance company might give you a lousy 10% reduction in your premium providing you’ve been ripped off by buying a Thatcham Approved system. What a great scam Thatcham is, but don’t start me on that.

That’s the way ahead.