Alarm Info

I posted this in another forum, it happened last Friday
I’m not to sure about this so any advice please…
Rode from work into the city at 4pm today, parked up, done the shopping bit, back to the bike an hour later, hit the starter…just a fast clicking sound with the lights dimming, bumped it no problem…head for home, every time i came to a stop the engine ‘died’ so i had to bump it again, whilst riding i was checking things out…if i had the headlight on it would dim the lights on the clocks, so i road on sidelights and if i turned on an indicator the lights dimmed in time with the flash. And the speedo would jump down also . got it home ok but the battery is dead.
Since then i found this on the bike, Didnt know it was there!

Whilst checking the bike again, i’ve found (tucked under the tail) something called a Spyball I think its an alarm, it got a loom which has wires spliced into areas like…rear lights and the starter relay and it has a place for a fuse(which has been removed)
Can anybody shed any light on a Spyball!
could solve alot of my problems!
Do you think its safe to rip this out, only i’ve heard it could shag the system if not done correctly? (I’ve charged the battery since and used it for work, and all seems fine.)