Alarm fob - how do you carry yours ?

Since this is the first bike I’ve had that has an alarm, I have kept the fob attached to the same keyring as the key. This has had me thinking (dangerous I know) that surely it can’t be good for the fob to be constantly rattled / bounced off the top yoke ? Or maybe it’s OK ?

What do you all do ?

Mine’s fine - it’s been bumped, rattled, dropped, rained on and snowed on.

Don’t worry about it! :slight_smile:

I keep it with the key but have seen some guys carry it on a ‘ribbon’ around their neck,

mines liek encased in a rubber material…(datatool) very resilient!

I would like to think that whoever designed and built them did so knowing most people will carry them with their keys and therefore design/build them to withstand the associated knocks and elements.

I was advised to keep the key and fob on seperate rings. I have a neck lanyard with a detatchable section. The bike key is on the detatchable section and the fob stays round my neck.

I used to wonder why until somebody I know left their key in the bike (in the seat lock) and the key got stolen. The only reason the bike wasn’t stolen with it is because he had the alarm fob so they couldn’t start the bike.

the only reason i can think of keeping them separate is in case you leave your key on the bike :blink:
that they cant start it (as they cant turn the immob off)

Good point. A couple of times I’ve left the keys in the seat lock, but fortunately everytime remembered to get them out before walking off. :w00t:

May start using a neck lanyard now also. Thanks!

then again what happens if the lanyard gets cut and you loose the fob… :ermm:

I’ve had my alarm fob with the bike key for over a year and the winter didn’t destroy it!:smiley: i do keep the disk lock key on my house keys though so they don’t get left together.

Mines with the bike key and bounces on the yolk just fine. Found that other keys attached in the same tend to scratch the yolk. :blush:

when i fist got my bikei was advised not to keep it on the key, so it goes round my neck under my leathers.

+1 that way if ya lose the key or leave it they cant start your bike n ride off on it

I’ve fastened a small piece of velcro to the back of the fob and the opposite piece to the yoke so that I can fasten the fob to the yoke and stop it rattling around. Easy fix and had no problems.

Yeah, I’ve only done that about 10 or 15 times.