alarm but without the immobiliser

hi, i have a sh300i scooter already with the honda HISS 2 immobiliser, but say i wanted an alarm without the immobiliser bit, are there any good ones to go for?.

was thinking meta or datatool but they come with immobilisers right?.
how would that work if the bike already has one?.
override the HISS?.
heard the HISS 2 is better than the datatool etc one.

just need some sort of alarm…

thanks everyone,

Alot of alarm manufacturers like Meta or Datatool do just alarm kits. First instance something like the S4 Datatool Green is designed for this purpose. I would have thought having 2 immobilisers is possible but could leave you stranded…!

You can get yourself a descent alarm like Cyclone V2 for starting price of £23. If you just want an alarm then this could be the one for you :wink: