Akrapovic Titanium Race Can - K1-K4/5 GSXR

Im selling my Akra race can -decided I just wanna run the bike with a K&N and be able to listen to people when I get to work :smiley:

It was new when I fitted it in August & has been used everyday - has the usual strap mark but this isnt seen when fitted to the bike. Has no dents or anything & the stickers all in 1 peice, comes with the carbon fibre strap, gasket & 4 titanium bolts

Fits all GSXR’s from K1-4/5 600/750/1000

I live near Dartford,Kent.


Im offering a free fitting on this if anyone wants it :wink:

Why don’t you just get earplugs?:wink:

When ya gona pick that mirror up mate?

Hello mate - if your about on Sat I can come and get it, my GJ login wasnt letting me into the site properly

Bump :slight_smile:

Piccys will help mate :smiley:

Yeah its in the garage at the mo - will be putting some up later :slight_smile:

Pic of the Akra

You got it up on eBay too then!?

not trying to jeapordise your sale but have a look at what sort of prices they go for matey as they normally go for about 150.

Yeah its on ebay - bidding starts at 99p - seen others with scratches etc for more than £150 so just see how it goes :slight_smile:

tis fairly clean for a used can :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah its mint! If it doesnt fetch decent money I’ll keep it and stick it on for the dyno day :slight_smile:

or i got a load of ear plugs if your interested :stuck_out_tongue:

have u sold this ???

i`m interested

Nope still got it but Im gonna keep it if I dont get a decent price for it :slight_smile:

Plus I fancy having it on the bike for the dyno day :smiley:

spoil sport

wat about after the dyno day???

could i buy it off ya then???

Yeah mate - To be honest I just wanna see & hear the bike from the outside whilst its being ragged, once I’ve seen it I’ll sell it :smiley:

ok no worries m8 i`ve got one already but its quite badly scratched

they sound the b0ll0ks by the way;)

bump bump :wink: