Akrapovic Carbon Fiber

Look what i’ve just bought!

Should have them delivered and installed by next weekend so i’ll put up pic then. Should have my flush mount indicators and puig DB screen all fitted to so some tasty pics coming!:stuck_out_tongue:

as promissed some new pics of the toys on my bike.

Akrapovic carbon panels
Proton Flushmount indicators
R&G Bungs
Puig DB Screen

May I ask where the indicators came from and are they available for a 06 RR?


there you are enjoy!:smiley: Just had mine put on and they are really bright just need to get a flasher relay though cause there a bit fast since they are l.e.d’s

Are they based in America? Did they take long to arrive?

yea it is an american company. I ordered through another comany though called endless performance. Took about a month to get but most of that was because they were waiting to get my screen in stock. Said it would normally be about a week though. email AJ at [email protected] if you want them. Tell him i told you about it might possibly do a deal with you.