Akrapovic Carbon Can & Adaptor

The can is originally from a GSXR 600 K1. It has the 4 bolt attachment but I have also bought an adaptor for it to convert it to a standard slip on size so should fit on other bikes.
It comes with the clamp on the adaptor to attach it to a slip on link pipe.

The not so good points - it’s a carbon can, with the metal banding around each end - the metal banding is scuffed at both ends. These could however be unrivited and rotated round and reriveted which should make it look good as new.
Some of the Akra graphic has peeled off - this could easily be peeled off, and replacement stickers could be had on ebay for the image concious !
There is no baffle with it (although some people aren’t bothered by this!!)

Photos here:

Looking for £90



80 quid - any takers before it goes on fleabay ?

It’s gone !