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AirTags linked to *increase* in car thefts

This probably doesn’t apply so much to high-end motorbikes because any of us lucky enough to own one are not in the habit of leaving it around unattended in public but the sheer deviousness of this ploy did make me smile.

AitTags were supposed to decrease crime, not increase it. The law of unintended consequences.

Hrm. It might pay to have an iPhone then I guess, as it’ll warn you if someone else’s AirTag is riding along with you. The trouble here though, is you’ll might not know until you arrive at your destination as notifications are suppressed when driving is detected. I’m guessing that includes AirTag notifications too.

And worse, I’m told this has been going on for ages with £15 SIM-equipped GPS boxes from China. Maybe not as sophisticated as an AirTag but same result.

This is only making the news now because it’s an Apple product.

Yup, I would not be surprised if there is already similar going on with things you would have no idea are tracking you.

There is some insanely small GPS trackers these days.

And they are cheap as chips.