Airpro Tyre Repair Kit

Any comments on this piece of kit ?

Did you get the email as well ? :smiley:

Yes :slight_smile:

Aha, looks like the “sticky string” that Mike from Essential Rubber was recommending to me some time back. I hoped Colin would give me a demonstration of how to use it, but he was too busy.

It seems the kit you linked to has both have that and the “elastic band” approach (which mine has), along with 5 CO2 canisters! Seems to be a very good kit, but I suspect you would need a decent amount of underseat space to store it.

Sadly my Bandit’s space is almost all taken up by the alarm/immobiliser, so I have to keep my repair kit in my topbox.

I’ve got the same type of stuff but without the air canisters cost about £5, but I also put a mini 12v pump under my seat gets you outta trouble

Essential sold me some (a while ago though).

Sticky string is the best - the triangle ones are rubbish.

Thread the string into the needle tool
Tyre must have air in it
Find the spot, push in needle tool leaving a bit of both the ends of sticky string sticking out of tyre, turn needle tool twice clockwise , pull out just enough fo needle tool to exit tyre, cut off excess with stanley knife. Check pressures.

I bought one of these at Get Geared - yes it is sticky string, and cost about £15 IIRC. It is quite bulky, but professionally presented. There were no instructions with it but you can download them.

Make sure you always have some latex gloves with the kit … It can get a bit messy sometimes . …That sticky string is really sticky .