Airport parking

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Great that bikes seem to be free to park at most airports only problems is helmets. Do you think safe to leave them under a cover? Left luggage is so expensive!

I have done - albeit chained to the bike. I certainly wouldn’t leave it simply shoved under a cover.

But I haven’t left my bike at an airport for years; there are so many scum bags now I’d be scared to risk it.

What’s frustrating is walking past half a kilometre of bikes parked on the roadside between the terminal building and P51 parking at Geneva airport. Hundreds of bikes just sitting there and not one of them has a chain or even a disc lock. Biking to an airport is the obvious way to get there.

So what you can do with this one is get some stainless steel cable, crimp the ends round an eyelet (the stuff you get for railings) and then you have something semi-secure that you can loop your helmet and jacket through. This is a good option when biking on tour and needing to leave your jacket and lid with the bike while you go for a mosey. At a push I might use it for the airport if I were going to then put a cover over the top.

]I went to Dublin at the weekend and parked my bike at Gatwick in short stay car park. I did chain it up (through the wheel and looped up over the seat) and could have reasonably easily looped my helmet into the equation while at it.

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Thanks guys. If you go through the face hole in the Helmet that’s obviously secure (other than bolt cropper etc) but what do you attach through on the jacket?

So I done this in summer a few years back and just took my lightweight summer jacket with me, used one of the bicycle cables and wrapped it round the helmet/bike and into the d-lock on rear sprocket. Could also put it through the jacket sleeves I suppose if you had it under a cover.

Or buy a top box and put it all in there?

Yeah put it through the jacket sleeve. It’s none of it high security, but is often good enough for me. For context though, my Jacket is second hand and clearly over a decade old so I don’t know how appealing it really would be for a thief even though it’s still worth around £140 or so. I have a top box for my helmet on the TDM but it doesn’t fit in any of the luggage for my vfr1200 so it’s a case of the inconvenience of lugging it round, or the risk of someone ruining a helmet that’s only worth £200 brand new to cut it out from the loop or cutting the cable. It’s a risk I’m willing to take most of the time

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Two helmets don’t fit in anything except the largest top boxes

Ahhhh didn’t realise it was two helmets

I regularly put a chain through helmet, jacket sleeve and a trouser leg.

The jacket can sit over the helmet and trousers and keep 'em dry if it rains. Even better if your biking gear is scruffy as it’s way less likely to get pinched.

Mine is :slight_smile:

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