Not the fun kind.
Does anyone wear one? Pros and cons?
I’m struggling to work out which one to go for. Helite seem to win the marketing game, Point Two have the equestrian history.
It’s between the Point Two Pro Air and Helite Turtle 2 at the moment.

I think @Arfa uses an airbag, but I could be wrong.

I use a Helite, and I know another rider that does as well. And it has been used in anger. Would highly recommend one.

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Not me, never used one.

Don’t suppose you looked at point two mate?

I use Helite and v happy with it. Haven’t looked at Point 2

I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the Alpinestars or Dainese ones. Is there a reason why?

Cheers all

The GF bought me a Point Two after seeing them at the bike show. Her brother’s been in a wheelchair for the last 30 years after being in a motorbike accident. So, although she doesn’t have a problem with me riding, she’s conscious & all to familiar with the risks.

I was wearing it when I had my accident in 2014. I’m not sure it made much difference in that situation though as my injuries were all lower leg ones, but maybe it was the reason I didn’t suffer any upper body ones when I landed?

Seemed to be a very similar product to the Helite ones. They have a lot of experience in the equestrian field so, I’ve no reason to think they’d be any less protective.

Possibly not looking to replace existing jackets or prefer wearing textile jackets.

Alternative. cheap chinese!
kidding. don’t do this.

For me, I’d rather have vest, that way I can change between textiles and leathers, like I do


Leaning to Point Two. Aside from anything else, they sell refurbed for £285, rather than the others at north of £460

I don’t see the issue with that… From the description it’s clear what you get… Right?

Use Helite at work, have detonated mine twice, both minor offs so can’t comment on how effective in significant crashes but easy enough to reset and comfy, seems to do the job once detonated but always scares the bejesus out of ya as you get the loud bang accompanied by the uppercut to the jaw if your heads down lol


No, at the time when I got mine there really wasn’t much choice and I knew someone who had the Helite, and that it had been selected for use with some emergency services.

I’m very impressed with what Helite offers and it is well worth the price. It does actually come with an spinal armour, and when it inflates it is basic three large rings. Once round the back and one each round the sides. And it supports helmet as well which is why it is important to get the right size.

I asked elsewhere and one person reckoned the spine protector was the main difference between them. I’ve already got a Forcefield.
Thanks for advice

There is a pocket in the Point Two for a back protector insert. I think mine came with a CE L1 protector installed which I upgraded to a L2.