air hose fitting size help

So I snapped my air hose at one end, and I’m trying to find a replacement. Anyone know how to measure the damn fittings? I think theyre BSP, but my vernier throws up odd sizes that don’t exactly match the stuff I’m finding on line.
At one end I have a female threaded fitting- ID 11.9mm Male threaded fitting OD- 12.7mm
At the other end I have a female fitting-ID 8.6mm Male threaded fitting OD- 9.4mm
Is this 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch?

12.7mm is 1/2" BSP
9.4mm is 1/4" BSP

Google 12.7 hose joiner and 9.4 hose joiner may return what you’re looking for :wink:

edit: 9.4 is probably nearer 3/8"

And the main supplier for london who have it all is …

I wondered why you where making a wheezing noise yesterday, i thought it was old age and a general lack of fitness………………

I should have had a bet on who would answer that… :slight_smile:
Cheers guys, so a female 1/4 BSP to female 1/2 BSP will do the job?
The search begins :slight_smile:

A reducing bush they calls it

I’ve probably blown an o-ring