Air Guitar or not???

Heard about this on the radio this morning, Tory MP Graham ‘Axeman’ Evans lets loose during a speech by Defence Secretary Liam Fox.

Apparently he has been given a right hard time over it and denies the acusataion about playing air guitar with his magazine during the speeach about defence cuts…

What do you think? put your sound up!! :laugh:

The Dood is rockin

No doubts

How do you know he’s not got his todger inside that rolled up magazine?

The magazine looks far too fat for that.


I recon it was an Ibanez, or a Jackson type of pointy headed air guitar. :slight_smile:

Rosewood or maple?


Why become an MP if you are bored by speeches? Defo air guitar, I think he needs to practice some more though…oh I wonder where his I pod is hidden and what he was listening to?

Maybe he packed it out with some raw liver?

Rock on mr speaker :smiley: :wink: