Air-Filter Service + Gixxer Snaps

Saturday morning I needed to run through a few service tasks with the gixxer; clean the air-filter, replace the rear disc bolts (Ti ones weren’t seating correctly and caused a squeaking noise) and repaired the rear pads surfaces (carbon build-up). I was going to drop in some new Carbon Loraine pads I bought a while ago, but the stock pads are nearly unused after 18 months, I was amazed! Wish I never opened the new pads packet now, could have sold them on!

Took some snaps of the air-filter malarky, was going to use them for an article, but I don’t think it’s worth it. Some snaps of the bike in the sun as well.


3July Service DSC_2203.jpg

5July Service DSC_2204.jpg

2July Service DSC_2200.jpg

4July Service DSC_2205.jpg

1July Service DSC_2207.jpg

Got trigger happy whilst clearing the yard out, was also a chance to test some new photo-editing software…


July Service DSC_2183.jpg

July Service DSC_2191.jpg

July Service DSC_2192.jpg

July Service DSC_2193.jpg

July Service DSC_2194.jpg

July Service DSC_2197.jpg

July Service DSC_2196.jpg

You’re bike is the bomb, Jay… :drool Love it…

This post reminds me…I’m due for a new air filter too…and an oil change. All the bike shops in town are closed on Mondays…I’ll have to pick up the goods on Tuesday after I take the Triumph out for a spin.

Cheers Gregman! The air-filter I’m running here is a BMC race filter. It’s servicable, i.e. washable. Better performance when combined with the Power Commander and custom-map for it.

I was surprised how little dirt there was on it after 18 months actually. With the pollution here in the city, I thought it would be nasty. Pleasant surprise!

If I won the lottery this week, I’d still do more to the K5. I’d love to drop some more weight, and sharpen up the handling even more, i.e. carbon fairings and some Ohlins forks and BST carbon wheels, but I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon

That reminds me, mines due an oil change too. I’ve got a Scorpion pipe but have not upgraded the filter as I also do not have a Power Commander…yet.