Air filter cleaning

Sink full of warm water
Fairy washing up liquid
Wash and agitate dirt with soft washing up brush
Leave filter to dry
Coat liberally in engine oil


I know Fairy contains salt, but I don’t know if this has negative implications for the filter element.

She’ll be right :slight_smile:

Should be all good. If its filthy wash in diluted kerosene.

really? :ermm:

Kerosene I’ve heard before, but engine oil…?

THat said, it makes sense. OIl will stop any/all dirt, and anything that flies off will go into the engine and lube/or burn off… only thing is does it promote thicker harder coating on the filter in thelong run, leading to suffocation?

its okay to apply a very thin layer of oil to the surface of air filter if you want. Too much and you’re restricting how much your bike breathes.

hi tac filter oil… and you dont need very much!

had enough of cleaning filters! The one on my KTM two stroke gets cleaned every 3 hours of use, i have 5 and clean and oil them all at once and used them on rotation.

i use putoline filter oil, its very sticky!

Slightly off topic, I’ve seen a few track bikes where the inside of the airbox is coated with grease, is this to capture any gravel ingested when crashing in gravel traps?

Is this how they “order new parts” :unsure:


Cheers…Hein Gericke sell K&N filter oil.

I’ll go for that I reckon.

I tend to just blow mine K&N out with an air-line. Maybe I should wash it too every now and then.