Air Bags

Is there any air bag fault finding experts on here, cause the Alfa needs an MOT and the air bag light is on. don’t really want to pull the dash apart to pull the bulb out :w00t: but it might be the only way :Whistling:

My Audi passed several MOTs with the air bag light on.:Whistling:

is it a newish one? I had a 59 plate one and I think the light come on when you turned it off :satisfied:

they can also come on if you keep getting little touches on the bumper against something or others rolling into it parking etc

No idea about Alfi’s, but on Vauxhalls the air bag light/code will also get triggered by dodgy seat belt tensioners. Might be worth a quick if yours is the same and check of the wires under the seat.

I was hoping it would be a dodgy seat belt tensioner but had the diagnostic kit plugged in on Friday and it came up with nears side window air not so easy, had all the plugs look ok , no corrosion or loose connections. its a 2005 156, sure we will get to the bottom of it one day. decoder says it could be wiring, circuitry, or air bag.

On my Ford you can disable the front passenger seat air bag, I think the idea is to disable it if fitting a baby seat. Whatever, when disabled the tell tale light comes on as a reminder. I’m thinking it’ll be a quick fix just dip into the owners manual and see how to enable it.