Air Ambulance run 18th September 2022

I’m going. Support a worthy cause. It’s only £10 and it may save the life of you or a friend one day, if it hasn’t already :wink:


done these for the last few years pre pandemic and they are a good day out, I’ll hopefully see you there.

Look out, look out, there can be some seriously dangerous riders at these events, its not a race but some seem to think it is. Last time I went on leaving Essex Fire and Rescue HQ a dozen L platers were racing down hill on a left hand bend into a roundabout, last minute hard braking and one or two went down, followed by three or four more. Not best pleased at being overtaken by a bunch of L platers a Harley rider dropped a cog, stepped up the pace and then dropped his beloved Harley low siding into the half dozen or so L platers that managed to keep their machines upright. I’m not sure if the sight of a dozen riders and their motorcycles strewn across two lanes was funny or scary, fortunately there seemed to be nothing more than dented pride, broken plastics and wing mirrors.

I might turn out at Harwich for the festivities.

i go for these over the Ace ones largely due to it having less knobs.

I prefer to just watch them flying around and cutting people up, and I just sit back and think about all the horrific injuries I don’t have. And I’m on L plates.

last time i did it was with a few from here
got out of Dunton to see quite a few L Platers had binned it at the first roundabout
then having to deal with the sunshine club trying to get to the front at any cost

That’ll most likely be the same year I last did it.

Probaly was
it was when B2R decieded he would take a different route & sam had to go get him
Stretch had an Ipad taped to his bars