Ainsley Harriot Sausages



At least they can`t get done for lyeing.

Frightful man!

He’s ruined Ready, Steady, Cook!

I wonder how long it’ll be before it’s renamed Ainsley’s Ready, Steady, Cook! ?

The father-in-law calles him Irritating Ainsley

I like that!

He’s so patronising and can’t speak properly;

I mean, what’s the orjnce?

Very good & very true! Lol

A bloke who started with very little talent and made it go a l-o-n-g way.

Now he’s used it all up.

Heard that his US show bombed and was pulled ( I think the yanks discovered he knows zilch about cookery and is in fact nothing more than an actor who got lucky.

Come in Ainsley your 15 minutes of fame is well over.