Hi Everybody!

I have returned to this fair land after 3 years in exile in deepest darkest plymouth (you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villany!)
just popped on here to wind up Da Artist more than anything but figured id say a general howdy doody to all ( i work with him at HG harrow heh)

as for piccies of me bike, nothing new cos i got a few more scratches (tried taking a corner a wee bit fast up over on dartmoor) but shes still ticking over fine and hopefully ill be able to get some cash together to get her all fixed up nice and new


Hey Reap! Welcome to LB! Beautiful Corona-rep gixxer mate, very tasty! Unlucky with the corner, hope you get it sorted, a bike this good needs to look the part. Hope to see you at Cubana tomorrow…

Hahaha nice one Reap now that your here

poke poke n SmacK with the newbie crutches

We really do have to order you in that Yoshi can and get you knee sliders worn in, catch you at work tomorrow

Da Artist

P.S. This guy is like babyJ he’ll make you buy things you never knew you wanted, like silly looking gortex courier jackets

Sod the can, spend the money on a trackday! Exhausts all do the same thing, tyres like a change

Trackday season is nearly over and he’ll get a can at cost or close to it

ART who the F is ART

those pictures wer taken bout 2 1/2 years ago while i was in plymputh, and while i can now introduce my knee to the flor i can not currently fit into my leather bottoms :eek!:
to much student food ya know :stuck_out_tongue:
and when i do a trackday im gonna use one like the superbike school and wreck one of thier bikes first of all heh

well hello there.

and welcome to LB

poke poke with the newbie stick



PS you know this means that you get to rip into DA both on- and offline - how lucky are you???

Welcome to LB, get yerself down to Cubana, Ace or one of the other many meets organised. See ya down the road sometime

Welcome, nice bike and if you are one of those sales ‘artists’ I’ll continue using HG at Stockwell.

Welcome to LB, lovely rep!!

I was based in Plymouth back when I was in the Navy (sounding like uncle Albert)

Loved the place…

I was messing with Reaps bike today that ART can sounds better than it looks… so like I was saying don’t waste your money on a new can save up for trackdays

Plymouths loss is our gain…although im looking to buy down there soon …lol

so Plymouth (well St Germans really) will gain again…

Welcome back