Ahoy Hoy

Hello All,Just thought I’d pop in and say howdy-do. After noticing a considerable bike presence in Leicester Sqaure on Friday nights I thought I’d do a little searching and discovered this friendly little site. :slight_smile:

At Uni at the minute, I only passed my DAS last September and have already put 8000 hugely enjoyable miles on the Bonnie since.

I’m slowly building a fleet. I have a 2001 Triumph Bonneville as my daily rider and I’m stripping and rebuilding a 1984 Honda VF750F (Chocolate Cams included ;)) ready for going round Europe on in the summer. :smiley:

Well, looking forward to shooting the crap on here, hopefully will get down to Borough Market or Leicester Square as soon as possible (Anyone go down from the Uxbridge/Hayes Area?).



Welcome aboard me heartie!

Catch u at Borough Market perhaps?


Hello and welcome to LB:D What a blast from the past,I bought one of the first batch of VF750’s back in 1983,spent more time on the bench at JA LOCKS in Edmonton than with me,camshafts replaced twice,fork seals and gear change linkage,but loved the looks,my first big bike.:smiley:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome aboard :wink:

Love the ol’ VF :cool: I had a 500 and me Dad still has his 1000FII Bold’or :smiley:

See you on the road :slight_smile:



Hi :slight_smile: