Ahh Bless, at least she hung around

I wonder how many would have just driven off?


Although I did laugh at the real time speed video of the accident. She hit it in slow-mo. Dozy cow!

Almost the same thing happened to me but on the road,the neighbours mum reversed into my bike which was the only vehicle for about four car lenghts,i turned the air blue with my language when i looked out the window but appart from a scratched bar-end there was no damage.

Thanks to me posting that video I’ve found you guys here :slight_smile:

First time I watched the video I couldn’t bear to look…:frowning: Good job I got crash bungs and bar sliders fitted the other week.

Welcome to LB, Jason.

Bad luck about the bike; I guess you’ll be parking it right against the fence in future, with a bright orange cover over it! I hope you get the bike fixed ok, and all gets sorted before your holiday in August.

Whereabouts are you off to?

Welcome to LB and the same thing happened to me a few years back…but the perpetrator did not stick arround