AGV stealth lid??

im looking into getting an agv stealth lid when i pass my test,

any body gt any news on em… good lid? bad lid? common faults with em??


I tried one on a few years back and it wasn`t a perfect fit. It all comes down to what suits your head.

Ditto Johnp

Try a few on. See which ones feel right, you’ll instinctively know whats good.

I have this one & I love it

Problem is there as sooooo many nice helmets . . . I could buy 20 at least!!!



its like i like the arai astro r helmet but i cnt justify £450 for a lid yet,

I have an agv stealth. Don’t like it and don’t wear it anymore. Get a shoei xr-1000. 200 smackers for a completely awesome skid lid.

Yeh I would have to go with Shoei as well. I have had a number of different lids, from Nitro to Arai to Roof, and the Shoei wins hand down!

Got a tinted visor for it the other week and its great!

hmm okay, i havent looked in to shoei that much,

possiblylook at the fibre tech lazer jobby two. basically the same people as the AGV.

Got a carbon one which is very trick at £200

I bought one once. I put it down and now i can’t find it;):smiley:

Well its not a bad lid I have sold a few of them knowing the rider has something decent on his head, but it is also far from a great lid. if your budget is tight try the new all carbon HJC really good lid on sale at Hein and gericke for £150
You could also go for the really good Aria Condor normal RRP is £250 but a lot of shops are doing small deals on them (it would be my choice)

Happy shopping

Da Artist

love the look of them, but I tried one on at NEC and it didnt fit well, so put it straight back…

I love mine its the most comfy lid going,Tried on a shoei and it didnt fit right nor the arai…

AGV LIDS ROCK:D i should know i got 7 of em!:stuck_out_tongue:

Had one for a few years now; was a nice fit and got a good deal at the time. Visor is pretty easy to replace. No complaints

Try before you buy.

I have the same lid in red - looks cool but after six months the lining has stretched so much i gotta buy a new one already!!! Always nice to have an excuse to go shopping in bikes shops but a rather expensive pleasure!!

Bin told i could just replace the lining but quite frankly, I wanna new lid and this is the perfect excuse lol!!